I can help you with a wide variety of services to ensure that you remain comfortably independent. . . at home. When times are tough family dynamics can seem insurmountable. I assure you they are not (in most cases), and I will provide practical solutions to seemingly overwhelming problems.

Everyone's circumstances are different, and I simply tailor my services to your unique needs.  I have a broad skill set with exceptional experience in the medical system, and am well versed in most types of dementia conditions, Alzheimer's in particular, as well as other processes of aging.  I reside in Arcata, CA.  Below are testimonials that speak for me. It's best to call first, as I don't internet often.  Please make the call, and we can talk about what I may be able to do for you.   Always confidential.  Angela  612.718.1588

Testimonials . . .

"Angela has been an incredible force in our lives. We hired her to help move our disabled mother 400 plus miles from California to Oregon, out of a very lived in apartment with an incredible amount of stuff, in a mere two weeks. Unable to be there ourselves, we found Angela just in time, and she turned out to be superwoman! She acted as a caretaker, an organizer, a professional packer and a great friend to our mother who was riddled with anxiety over having to move. She provided us with moral support and peace of mind every step of the way, keeping in great contact and sharing every detail of her process to assure us all was going well. She was able to figure out how to conquer this enormous task in very little time while still paying great attention to the needs and wants of our mother. We could not be happier or more grateful for Angela's services, and we would highly recommend her.  With love,

Mima's Kids"

Portland, OR

"My wife, Kathy, and I hired Angela as a consultant to assess my father-in-law (Kathy's father) and his living situation.  Kathy's father is living with mid-stage Alzheimers.

We spent two days with Angela, driving to and returning from Rockford, IL, where Kathy's father lives.  Angela asked a lot of questions, observed the situation, and interviewed the primary care givers (Kathy's mom and brother).

We were very satisfied in the services.  She was especially helpful in explaining what it all meant, and how this diagnosis affects loved ones (especially those closest to the situation).  This knowledge enabled us to initiate immediate "best practices", while introducing proper support over time.  Finally, we developed contingency plans.

It is a great relief to know that we are on the right track, and will be engaging Angela's services throughout the progression of the disease.

Dan Smith"

Minneapolis, MN

"Dear Angela,

Thank you so very much for all your help with our father. We've all learned a lot from you, over the past few months.  Also, my sister will be here, along with hospice, for the foreseeable future.  Had you not come along when you did, these precious opportunities to be together as a family may well have remained a rarity. Thanks again for all your help.

Sincerely, Dr. Bill Taylor"

Arcata, CA

"We consulted Angela, and she was very helpful to my family at a very trying time. Her deep knowledge of the health care system helped us make wise, and also money-saving decisions, with and for our elderly parents.  She's a hard worker, organized, very reliable, and has a great attitude.  One of the surprising perks of working with her is that she is handy around the house, and she's a great cook, as well.  Overall, a dependable resource, and we feel comfortable that we'll be able to call her in future, if it becomes necessary.

A. Lewis"

Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for visiting my page.  I look forward to talking with you.  

With warmth, Angela  612.718.1588


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